• In spite of the fact that Pakistan is one of the major milk producing countries in the world, its dairy industry still struggles to maintain the supply to meet the ever increasing demand for dairy products . Part of the challenge to boost the efficiency of production in Pakistan is utilize the wonderful resources available to dairy farmers more effectively.
    The Australian government has provided funding, through the ASLP, for a project to be implemented within Pakistan aimed to increasing the dairy production of small holder dairy farms by improving current extension services. The main objectives of the project were:
    • To demonstrate the economic and social benefits of improved extension services to small holder dairy farmers
    • To enhance the scope and quality of information used for training extension personnel
    • To enhance the research capacity of Pakistani scientist in priority fields relevant to the ongoing development of the dairy sector
    • To promote the benefits of agency linkages and enhanced extension services to National and Provisional research and extension agencies and NGO groups

  • Project team attended an international conference at Canberra, Australia (Sep 2014)

  • The project has developed 9th extension module on improved fodder agronomic practices module.

  • 9th extension worker training was conducted for extension workers from Sindh and Punjab provinces on improved agronomic module (21 Nov 2014)

  • Upcoming Event

    Final term forum for ASLP phase II will be organized on 14 October, 2015.

  • Project has organized third training workshop for veterinary officers from Baluchistan & Khyber Paktunkhwa on improved agronomic practices, milk marketing & value addition at UVAS, Lahore (28-29 July 2015)

  • The project has successfully organized a three days training workshop on improved dairy farm practices for veterinary officers from all districts of Khyber Paktunkhwa under Bill & Malinda Gates foundation in Peshawar (9-12 Aug. 2015)

  • Dairy team has translated all the extension material in Sindhi language. The aim if this translation is effective dissemination of key extension messages among farmers and extension workers.

  • In order to address the milk marketing issue, the project has introduced three Ice cream making and one cream extraction entrepreneurship models for women in Sindh and Punjab.

  • Six students (4 UVAS, 2 UAF) have completed their internship with project.

  • Four village based seed enterprise (VBSE) for berseem fodder have been developed in Okara, Pakpattan and Bhakkar.

  • Currently one PhD student Thomas William from Charles Strut University, Australia is conducting his research with project to find out the incidence of parasites in buffaloes in Pakistan.

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