• Module development was a difficult task because data relevant to smallholder dairy farmer was not available; this task was achieved by efforts done in following steps:
    • Identification of topics by expert opinions and baseline surveys
    • Collection of existing research and extension material
    • Visits to academic and research institutes
    • Visits to farms
    • Module development workshops of 15-20 experts
    • Urdu translation, designing and printing
    • Up till now six modules both in Urdu and English version are prepared

    Comprehensive information was collected from existing resources of Pakistan and Australia . Information resource modules and Farmer Fact Sheet, in an appropriate language for training technical as well as non-technical extension workers in a whole-farm context are following:
    • Basic principles of shed design and husbandry practices
    • Care of new borne and management
    • Animal nutrition
    • Animal health
    • Animal reproduction
    • Fodder conservation/silage making

  • Project team attended an international conference at Canberra, Australia (Sep 2014)

  • The project has developed 9th extension module on improved fodder agronomic practices module.

  • 9th extension worker training was conducted for extension workers from Sindh and Punjab provinces on improved agronomic module (21 Nov 2014)

  • Upcoming Event

    Final term forum for ASLP phase II will be organized on 14 October, 2015.

  • Project has organized third training workshop for veterinary officers from Baluchistan & Khyber Paktunkhwa on improved agronomic practices, milk marketing & value addition at UVAS, Lahore (28-29 July 2015)

  • The project has successfully organized a three days training workshop on improved dairy farm practices for veterinary officers from all districts of Khyber Paktunkhwa under Bill & Malinda Gates foundation in Peshawar (9-12 Aug. 2015)

  • Dairy team has translated all the extension material in Sindhi language. The aim if this translation is effective dissemination of key extension messages among farmers and extension workers.

  • In order to address the milk marketing issue, the project has introduced three Ice cream making and one cream extraction entrepreneurship models for women in Sindh and Punjab.

  • Six students (4 UVAS, 2 UAF) have completed their internship with project.

  • Four village based seed enterprise (VBSE) for berseem fodder have been developed in Okara, Pakpattan and Bhakkar.

  • Currently one PhD student Thomas William from Charles Strut University, Australia is conducting his research with project to find out the incidence of parasites in buffaloes in Pakistan.

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